Monday, 20 June 2016

Hockey Term 2 week 8

Kiaora blog world,

Today we have learnt how to communicate with others and how to pass the ball with other people
and if you want the ball to go father you want to see if the other people are free then you pass the ball to them while we were playing a game we had to be quiet while passing the ball because if you are yelling you will stay off of the game.

Here is some photos to give you an idea of what I was explaining.

Here is a photo of our teams communicating while playing a game.

This photo shows Cicilia going to shoot the ball in to the goal.

Here is Cicilia with the ball.

This photo shows Nikheel trying to take the ball away from Jahleena.

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  1. Hey Pee'ana,
    great blog post but there were some parts in your post that didn't make sense or some words a spelt wrong ( make sure you re-read your work). I had so much fun at Hockey .. Did you? Keep up the awesome work!

    From: Alaskah.


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