Friday, 14 October 2016


First blog post of the term,
Welcome back every school that was on holiday.
On Thursday was our first swimming leson what we did was back stroke, kicking in the water because sometimes if you kick hard and make big splashes it doesn't get you know where.
The first week we have groups so that we can be teased on how well our swimming is so we can go to the big pool. the group numbers are 1 2 3 well at the moment i'm in group 1. What I found really difficult was Holding my breath

Here is 2 photos from swimming.

So fun to be in water  

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  1. Hi Pee'ana,

    Did you enjoy swimming? It looked like you were having lots of fun, but the photos don't seem to be on your blog post. Perhaps you could add them on? And don't forget to check that your post makes sense.

    Mrs Archer


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