Friday, 16 December 2016

End of term 4 2016

Hi blog world last blog post of the year,
My blog will still be open to have a look at hope you enjoyed my blog I will have a look back when I am alder or maybe when I am any age but I will always have a look back at all the funniest moments that I had back in those days I really enjoyed being here at Hay Park School.

It has been an honer blogging to you people out their I hope you enjoy and carry on with your journey.

Monday, 28 November 2016


Kia ora blog world,

Today I am going to be talking to you about what we did on the Ferry and before we got on the ferry.

All of Scott class and Kileen class were really happy to be going to Rotoroa Island but some of us were really tired because we had woken up at 6  to get ready to go to Rotoroa Island. We first had to go a bus to town and then we had to wait there for a while until the instructor was ready for us to hop on the boat and get ready to go to Rotoroa Island.   

As the shining sun was shining in that blue bright amazing sky, my journey had just begun. When I was on the fascinating Ferry there was the instructor Tali and  
some people were going to see other islands. The instructor sometimes told us to do what she had said just in case we bring pests on to Rotoroa. Then Tali told us to open our bags and check if we had any seeds or pests like mice, rats or  rainbow skink.

We were not allowed to bring any pest onto the Island because some of the animals are rear and we don’t want to harm them by bringing any dangerous animals. We had to check at school before we had to hop on to the bus. Also when we made it to town ,we had to check if we had any pests. Most of us had not come with any pests and we had to check again when we were on the boat.

I could smell the salty water and feel the water crash into my face. It was really refreshing because it was a very hot day. Most of us were sweating. Some of us had to go outside because there was no more space inside.
We had lots of fun when we were on the boat because some of the time the boat was rocking on its sides.The little waves were banging against the boat which made it really hard for the instructor to concentrate on how to keep the boat straight.

I can’t wait for my next journey

Friday, 14 October 2016


First blog post of the term,
Welcome back every school that was on holiday.
On Thursday was our first swimming leson what we did was back stroke, kicking in the water because sometimes if you kick hard and make big splashes it doesn't get you know where.
The first week we have groups so that we can be teased on how well our swimming is so we can go to the big pool. the group numbers are 1 2 3 well at the moment i'm in group 1. What I found really difficult was Holding my breath

Here is 2 photos from swimming.

So fun to be in water  

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Today we have been doing our advertisement to upload to our you tube.
Hopefully you enjoy our add.
This will be my last blog post of the term hopefully you could enjoy my add and the rest of my posts.
Here is the link to my add.
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Magic Faraway Tree 6/09/16

On Monday the 5th of September I did the faraway tree and I did the create task. The create task was to  Draw or create Moon face and Saucepan Man. If you are drawing them try and add as much detail as possible. Brainstorm a list of describing words about them and add them around your picture.
Write and finish the song that the cat sung. Record yourself reading or singing the song!Make some 'Whizz Away' ointment or a Broomstick that can fly!Pretend you are one of the characters in the story and write a diary entry for one of their adventures.What I did was draw or to create moon face and sauce pan man.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Toolkits 23 August

Kia ora ,
On Tuesday the  23 of August we had toolkits. Scott class and most of Killeen and Setonga class came to toolkits. For toolkits I was a presenter with Tui,Anas,Joseph and Peeana. Their were so many more presenter from our school and other schools . There were also texaperts their helping the presenters if they needed help with there WiFi or anything else.

Thank you for reading my blog post. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Term 3 week 4 Ripper Rugby

Hello blog world ,
On Tuesday the 16th of august we went to rugby we were meant to do takleing but we didn't have enough players to play rugby. So what did was to get split up into groups but the girls stayed to getter because we also didn't have enough players. The were spit because there was to many of them and they also had to play against each other.The first Hay Park was called the first Hay Park  and the other Hay Park was called number two Hay Park. There was some time when we were playing against May road when we were playing against May road it came to be a tie against May road so then we had to play them again and Hay Park girls won so then we all ran to each other and started jumping around. Hay Park school was very proud because we won we tried our best and we mostly had fun playing against Mt Roskill and May road.It was really fun playing against May road and also against Mt Roskill. We also won all four of our games.

Here is some photos from riper rugby.
This is our school playing each other.

This is Tyrone with the ball in the middle of May road.

This is when it was our funnel game and Hay Park won.