Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Assembly Term 2 week 3

Hello my people,

On Tuesday we  had did assembly about kiwiana. Yesterday was really fun.   Me and Tui was doing the funny gumboot dance. and also yesterday Tui , Manahal and Nikolai  they were riding on some scooters when all of a sudden Tui got in trouble for not wearing a helmet.  

Here is some photos look below...

This is me and Tui doing our dance for Assembly.

This is me and Tui doing the Gumboot dance.

This is when we were helping Gargee and Paris do the gumboot dance.

This one show Tui riding on the scooter.
This is Manahal doing the right this .

When you are riding a scooter  you always have to wear a helmet. 


  1. Hi Peeana I like the way you put captions to your photos so people can tell what your photos are about.
    From George

  2. Malo Peeana,

    I love the way you put captions to your photo so people know what the photos about.One feedback you should re-read your post to fixes some sentence up because it doesn't make scene.


    1. Thank you for giving me that feedback Osana.


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