Monday, 25 May 2015

All about Saturn

information Report

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Success Criteria
Clear categories with subtitles
Use questions to hook the reader in the introduction

Use sentences and paragraphs

Use facts to inform the reader

Use different sentence starters


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title: marvelous saturn

  • saturn has about 62 moons in the solar system
Appearance paragraph 1
  • saturn looks like hot brown and light brown and a little bit green.

paragraph 2
  • The rings on Saturn are made from rock ice and dust.

paragraph 3
  • Storm winds face around the atmosphere at about 800 kg /p  

+what it looks like?
  • it looks brown a little bit green and saturn has rings the color of brown and it is the shape of a ball.

  • I wrote about Saturn because it looks like an interesting planet and it is about 1,427 million km from the sun.

these rocks are left over from small moon that broke apart long ago.

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