Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Term 3 week 4 Ripper Rugby

Hello blog world ,
On Tuesday the 16th of august we went to rugby we were meant to do takleing but we didn't have enough players to play rugby. So what did was to get split up into groups but the girls stayed to getter because we also didn't have enough players. The were spit because there was to many of them and they also had to play against each other.The first Hay Park was called the first Hay Park  and the other Hay Park was called number two Hay Park. There was some time when we were playing against May road when we were playing against May road it came to be a tie against May road so then we had to play them again and Hay Park girls won so then we all ran to each other and started jumping around. Hay Park school was very proud because we won we tried our best and we mostly had fun playing against Mt Roskill and May road.It was really fun playing against May road and also against Mt Roskill. We also won all four of our games.

Here is some photos from riper rugby.
This is our school playing each other.

This is Tyrone with the ball in the middle of May road.

This is when it was our funnel game and Hay Park won.


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